• Takahama Beach

    A beach that prides itself with white sand and highly transparent water

  • Unzen Toy Musuem

    A nostalgic museum of antique toys and traditional sweets.

  • Unzen Jigoku

    Unzen Jigoku with about 30 geothermal spots fuming white steam.

  • Unzendake Ropeway

    An unlimited view of Unzen from 1,300 meters above ground!

  • Tabira Catholic Church

    Impressive red brick church, built by the dedicated hard work of Catholic believers.

  • Shoro Nagashi

    Nagasaki City's traditional summer event: A parade of handmade boats made by the surviving family members that carry the departed souls.

  • Shimabara Castle

    Shimabara Castle, one of the top 100 castles of Japan, shining white against the vast blue skies.

  • Shianbashi

    Remnants of the old red light district in Nagasaki’s famous entertainment area.

  • Samurai Residences: Bukeyashiki

    Treasures left unchanged since the Edo period, remains of ancient samurai residences.

  • Oura Church

    The oldest church in Japan representative of Nagasaki.

  • Nitatoge Observation Deck

    An observation deck with an outstanding view where you can see all the way to Amakusa city.

  • Nanatsugama Caves

    Rare in the whole world, a relatively new formation of limestone caves.



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