Located conveniently in JR Hakata station building! A large commercial facility established by Japan Post enjoyed by everyone.

  • Yusentei Park

    Built during the Edo period, this garden contains many aspects of a Japanese garden.

  • Yawata Steel Works

    Historical remains of Japan’s Meiji industrial revolution, steel works registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

  • Yanagibashi Market

    Giant fish market known as “Hakata’s Kitchen” with over 70 different stores.

  • Yanagawa

    The city of water with a network of moats throughout the city. It is famous for its local specialty, eel dishes and river cruise.

  • Tocho-ji

    The first Shingon Buddhist temple in Japan, that has one of the largest wooden Buddhas in Japan.

  • Tenjin

    The largest busy district in Kyushu that is crowded with department stores and fashion buildings.

  • Suikyo Tenmangu Shrine

    Suikyo Tenjin Shrine dedicated to the great scholar, Sugwawara-no-Michizane, who found himself here during exile grieving over a life of misfortune while gazing at his reflection in the river.

  • Seaside Momochi Beach Park

    A beautiful white artificial beach park located at the north of Fukuoka Tower.

  • Ohori Park

    This park used to be a moat of Fukuoka castle and has a Noh theater and Japanese garden inside.

  • Nokonoshima Island Park

    An extensive natural park with beautiful seasonal flowers located in the island in Hakata Bay called Nokonoshima.

  • Mt. Sarakura Observation Deck

    The observation deck where you can enjoy a night view that is counted in “New Three Major Night Views of Japan.”



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