• Kinobu

    Famous innovative traditional Japanese restaurant with over 70 years of history that daringly includes foreign ingredients and cooking methods for exquisite never-before-seen dishes.

  • Kasagiya

    Long-standing store established in 1914, where you can enjoy old school sweets in a nostalgic interior.

  • Kaden Kyo-ame Gion Koishi

    Japanese cafe annexed to a sweets shop with popular original treats made from brown sugar syrup.

  • Iyemon Salon Kyoto

    Enjoy traditional Japanese tea in this stylish café accommodated to modern lifestyles.

  • Ippodo Tea Co. Tearoom Kaboku

    Experience brewing your own tea at this tea house annexed to a traditional tea shop established in 1717.

  • Inoda Coffee

    Kyoto’s representative long standing cafe. Popular cafe chain offering flavorful coffee and delicious sweets.

  • Hisago

    A soba restaurant is famous for its green tea soba and Oyakodon (savory chicken and soft egg curds over rice).


    A well-established, nostalgic and elegant jazz bar, where jazz concerts take place every weekend.

  • Hanbe-Fu

    Long-standing restaurant of fu and yuba, opened 320 years ago. Popular for their fu and yuba cuisine served in a great ambience.

  • Gonbei

    A popular long-standing restaurant that serves dishes with a secret savory dashi stock.

  • Gion Moriwaki

    A restaurant that serves authentic Kyoto cuisine and homemade soba at a reasonable price. The dishes are prepared by the owner who trained at famous restaurants.

  • Gion Komori

    Famous teahouse that allows you to enjoy Japanese sweets while watching the river located in Kyoto’s atmospheric district of Gion.



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