• Ryoan-ji Seigen-in

    Yudofu restaurant located inside a World Heritage Site as part of Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto.

  • Oryori Tatsumura

    A Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Kyoto cuisine with the touch of each season at a reasonable price.

  • omo cafe

    A cafe that was remodeled from a 100-year-old traditional house and offers creative Japanese cuisine and desserts.

  • Okazuya Ishikawa

    Japan’s finest home cooking small dish restaurant that spans styles including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and so on.

  • Obanzai Dining: Na-No-Hana

    Healthy obanzai dining using pesticide-free and organic ingredients such as rice for reasonable prices. Also open with a rare lunch menu.

  • Nishio Yatsuhashi Kiyomizuzaka

    A cafe that is operated by a well-known confectionery store of Kyoto's famous sweets yatsuhashi. It offers unique sweets made with yatsuhashi.

  • Nakamura Tokichi Honten

    A cafe, owned by a well-established tea store, where you can enjoy amazing sweets and light meals made of matcha.

  • Kyo-Ryori Rokusei

    Restaurant with a specialty Teoke Bento, with lots of Kyoto cuisine stuffed inside a craft piece made by human national treasure artisan.

  • Kyo-ryori Miko

    A restaurant to casually enjoy Kyoto cuisine inside a 100-year-old traditional Kyoto-style residence called machiya.

  • Kyokanmi Bunnosuke-chaya Kiyomizu-ten

    Over 100 years old long-established sweets shop, famous for its soft, delicious "warabimochi."

  • Kyo Hayashiya: Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi Cafe

    Japanese sweets cafe produced by long standing tea house in Kyoto where you can enjoy a wide variety of teas and sweets.

  • Kiyomizu Junsei Okabeya

    Yudofu restaurant featuring a tofu production area, where you can also enjoy freshly made tofu and yuba.



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