• Yubanzai Komameya, Nishiki Branch

    Yuba restaurant produced by yuba specialty store. Appreciate some freshly made yuba at affordable prices.

  • Tsuzuri

    An izakaya where you can enjoy home-cooked cuisine in a nostalgic atmosphere of a renovated old residence.

  • Tsujiri, Kyoto

    Long-standing Uji matcha cafe in Kyoto that lets enjoy new experiences of matcha with an original sweets menu.

  • Tosuiro, Kiyamachi Main Branch

    Tofu specialty restaurant where you can enjoy dining while overlooking the Kamogawa river. Popular for seasonally changing kaiseki lunch.

  • Togaden, a Tofu Restaurant

    Casual restaurant where you can have one of Kyoto's specialty cuisine yudofu at an affordable price.

  • Taroya

    Casual small dish restaurant with a wide variety of reasonably priced home cooked delights.

  • Sumika, Tominokoji Branch

    Casual izakaya restaurant where you can enjoy various obanzai small dishes made from the freshest ingredients in Kyoto.

  • Sohonke Yudofu Okutan

    Famous restaurant with a history of 370 years, located on the property of zen temple Nanzenji.

  • SENT JAMES CLUB Pontocho

    A Japanese-style full bar with a tranquil atmosphere.

  • Seizansodo

    A restaurant where you can enjoy yudofu, a unique dish to Kyoto, in the temple of World Heritage.

  • Saryo Tsujiri (Main Branch)

    Cafe to enjoy light snacks and a wide variety of sweets made from Kyoto’s famous top-grade matcha, Uji matcha.

  • Saiseki Chimoto

    Casual restaurant with affordable lunch courses, where you can enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine even if you are alone.



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