• Ushiku Daibutsu

    As high as 120 meters! The world's biggest standing statue in bronze that is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Kashima Jingu

    One of the best Japanese shrines dotted with a few sacred power spots.

  • Tsukuba Space Center

    Exhibition of real artificial satellites and you can also get a tour of the space developing center.

  • Tsukuba Expo Center

    The facility where you can learn and experience Japanese cutting-edge science technology. One of the largest planetariums in the world is popular.

  • Ryujin Ootsuri Bridge

    The largest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan. It is also well known as a bungee jumping spot.

  • Oarai Marine Tower

    An observation tower standing along the coast. Overlook the Pacific from 55 meters up.

  • Mt. Tsukuba

    A sacred mountain worshiped as the deity of Tsukubasan Jinja. The summit has a panoramic view of the Kanto Plains.

  • Kasumigaura

    The second largest lake in Japan. A popular spot where the sky, the mountains and water become one.

  • Kasama Inari Jinja

    A shrine that has a long history. The wistaria blooming for over 400 years is outstanding.

  • Kairakuen

    One of the most famous gardens in Japan ranked among Japan's three finest landscape gardens. Plum blossoms cover the garden with bright flowers in spring.

  • Itako

    Elegant town with waterways everywhere. Million irises bloom in early summer.

  • Ibaraki Flower Park

    A massive theme park of flowers and greenery where various flowers bloom.



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