• Nagoya Castle

    This castle is one of Nagoya’s main sightseeing spots. Check out the “golden mythical dolphins” shining on its roof.

  • Museum Meiji Mura

    One of the largest open air museums in all of Japan. Around 60 historical buildings from the Meiji period can be found here.

  • Laguna Ten Bosch

    Large-scale resort by the ocean; you have many options on how to enjoy such as an amusement park, hot spring, thalassotherapy, etc.

  • Korankei

    Perfect place to stroll along the streets with old houses. Katakuri flowers in spring and maple in autumn are especially famous.

  • JR Central Towers

    The tallest terminal building in the world. You can eat out or have tea on the top floor overlooking the city.

  • Inuyama Castle

    A national treasure with the oldest castle tower in Japan

  • Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    A trifold amusement park with a zoo, botanical gardens, and rides!

  • Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park

    A vast park built on the site of Expo 2005 with a popular exhibit where you can feel the world of Ghibli.

  • Atsuta Jingu

    A shrine with 1900 years of distinguished history. One of the three Imperial Regalia succeeded in the imperial family is kept here.



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