• Chidorigafuchi

    One of the prominent sakura spots in Tokyo, where you can see cherry blossoms while rowing a boat

  • Ueno Park

    Tokyo’s famed spot for viewing cherry blossoms! Flowers lit up at night are a must-see!

  • Sumida Park

    A special place where you can enjoy cherry blossoms and the Skytree simultaneously

  • Showa Memorial Park

    Must see! Relay of 31 kinds of sakura in collaboration with various other flowers.

  • Shinjuku Gyoen Park

    Famous spot to see cherry blossoms in full bloom against the skyscrapers of Tokyo.

  • Rikugien

    The weeping cherry tree is spectacular! A famous garden established in the Edo period.

  • Meguro River

    Enjoy a pink arch of sakura with flowers blooming over both sides of the river

  • Inokashira Park

    Famous spot to enjoy cherry blossoms with the family. Enjoy admiring cherry blossoms from a boat.

  • Koishikawa Korakuen

    It has a 400-year history and is designated as a special historic site and one of national scenic beauty. It is a famous garden with beautiful ponds and rivers.

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