• Ramen Senka Menya

    This restaurant offers unique curry and ramen featuring special local tomatoes.

  • Asahi An

    A restaurant that offers Kitamoto Tomato Curry, a B-kyu gourmet (casual regional specialty food) of Saitama Prefecture.

  • Yasudaya

    Original long-standing restaurant of Chichibu-gun, Saitama’s famous gourmet dish, “Waraji Katsudon.”

  • Kitchen New Hoshino

    Genuine “Yoshoku” Japanese-style western food restaurant located in a produce market that is famous for its deep fried pork cutlet curry made with high quality domestic pork.

  • Hana-Ichi

    Seafood restaurant famous for maguro (tuna) rice bowls and fried prawns located in one of the largest markets in the Kanto region.

  • Sanuki - Musashino Udon Miori

    Restaurant where you can enjoy genuine udon and Saitama’s famous dish of “Kitamoto tomato curry.”



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