• Isekin

    The 120-year old Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine in individual rooms

  • Café au Bosquet

    Healthy and natural conscious bakery cafe which is located in a wedding hall.

  • Re-surijye

    The restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Western Europe cuisine starting with a reasonably priced foie gras

  • Noroshi

    The popular ramen restaurant which has outstanding handmade noodles made with 4 kinds of flour and rich soup

  • Izumiya, main store

    A great bar where you can enjoy the retro mood, amazing price and homemade dishes


    Authentic Italian lunch for under 1,000 yen! Casual Italian restaurant which has great cost-performance

  • Casual french: Les Amis

    The French restaurant which serves healthy and colorful cuisine made with plenty of vegetable from Saitama

  • Arancia Del Sole

    An Italian restaurant that is famous for homemade pasta and an authentic Italian flair.

  • Chef de Btcho

    An authentic Spanish restaurant that serves luxurious paella and reasonably priced wine.

  • Unagi Musashino

    A long-established unagi restaurnt that is the birthplace of kabayaki, grilled butterflied eel with a sweet and salty sauce.

  • Indian Restaurant Satyam

    One of the best Indian restaurants in Saitama Prefecture where you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine.

  • Torisoba Issa

    A popular ramen restaurant that serves ramen with a stunning chicken-based soup.



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