• Yutoku Inari Jinja

    Large shrine known to have the best spiritual spot in Saga

  • Yoshinogari Site

    Travel back to ancient Japan! Experience the life of ancient people at the biggest historical remains in Japan.

  • Yobuko Morning Market

    Yobuko morning market is one of the three biggest morning markets in Japan, where you can enjoy fresh and tasty seafood!

  • Yobuko

    The fishing town famous for Yobuko no Asaichi, the morning market for fresh seafood.

  • Nanatsugama

    It's so beautiful it was selected as a national natural monument! Mythical caves floating in the blue ocean

  • Marinepal Yobuko

    Cute sightseeing boats that take you on a thrilling ride to see the Nanatsukama and a great underwater ride.

  • Karatsu Castle

    With a great view from the castle tower, this is a beautiful castle that looks like it is floating on the sea.

  • Karatsu

    This castle town located in the north west of Kyushu has flourished from ancient times.

  • Arita Porcelain Park

    A theme park where you can see the traditional craft, Arita porcelain and other porcelains from the world.



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