• Usa Jingu

    Loaded with focal points of a spiritual nature, this shrine is Oita Prefecture’s number one spot for those seeking a better fortune.

  • Takegawara Onsen

    Let's warm up in the famous sand bath of an old public bath established in 1879.

  • Takasakiyama Monkey Park

    A popular sightseeing spot where visitors can see wild but well-fed monkeys up close.

  • Showa Roman Kura

    Showa-themed museum where you can experience the good old ways of life in Japan during the Showa period.

  • Oita Marine Palace Aquarium (Umitamago)

    This popular sightseeing spot in Oita is an interactive aquarium where you can befriend life from the ocean.

  • Nagayu Onsen

    The best carbonated springs in Japan which is also listed as one of the hundred best hot springs in Japan.

  • Myoban Onsen

    Popular onsen for the ladies, packed with “Hot Spring Flowers” that have remarkable effects for beautiful skin.

  • Lake Kinrin

    The mysterious lake in one of Japan's most famous hot spring areas, Yufuin, with water gushing from the bottom of the lake.

  • Kuju Flower Park

    Enjoy 5 million seasonal flowers of 500 kinds in a park located on a highland at 800 meters.

  • Kannawa Onsen

    This onsen that has the longest history among onsen that are regarded as some of the best in Japan.

  • Jigoku Meguri (Hell Tour)

    Popular sightseeing course to visit seven distinctive hot springs (Jigoku) in Beppu.

  • Inazumi Underwater Limestone Cave

    The largest underwater limestone cave in Japan. Explore the mysterious world that stretches 40 m underwater.



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