• Zenkoji

    An independent temple not belonging to any sect built 1,400 years ago

  • Uchimura Kanzo Memorial Stone Church

    A stone church that finds a place in architectural history as it blends seamlessly with nature.

  • Tsumago-juku

    Jump into this time slip! Here’s a town with the true atmosphere of the Edo period.

  • Togakushi Soba Museum Tonkururin

    Learn, make and eat! A theme park where you can learn everything about Japanese soba culture.

  • Togakushi Shrine

    Shrine popular throughout Japan as a power spot

  • Tenryukyo

    Great natural landscape of the valley with cliffs and strangely shaped rocks.

  • Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

    Tateyama, one of the three most sacred mountains in Japan along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hakusan. Enjoy this mountainous tourist spot with amazing scenic beauty.

  • Tateshina

    One of the historical highland resorts in Japan, where you can have a great time in every season

  • Suwa Taisha

    One of the oldest shrines and the head of over 10,000 Suwa shrines in Japan

  • Shiraito Falls

    The beautiful waterfall, that looks like dozens of white strings, is a must see.

  • Old Usui Pass

    An viewing point overlooking exquisite scenery including Mt. Asama, Mt. Myogi, the Southern Alps and Yatsugatake volcanic group.

  • Nunobikiyama Shakuson-ji

    Thrilling Kannon-do stuck between a cliff!



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