• Kodaiji

    This temple is built to enshrine Toyotomi Hideyoshi by his wife. It contains various important cultural properties and a beautiful garden.

  • Kiyomizu-dera

    Built in 788, a Cultural World Heritage site temple with many national treasures and cultural heritages.

  • Kinkaku-ji

    Golden pavilion is the symbol of Kinkaku-ji, a Cultural World Heritage where you get a glimpse of paradise.

  • Kifune Shrine

    “Power spot” shrine dedicated to the deities of water and blessing couples.

  • Kennin-Ji

    Opened in 1202, the oldest Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto that holds many cultural assets.

  • Kamigamo Jinja

    One of the oldest shrines in Kyoto that is designated as a World Cultural Heritage.

  • Jishu Jinja

    A traditional shrine for marriage located north of the main building of Kiyomizu-dera

  • Hozukyo

    A canal along the Hozu river leading to Arashiyama, known for its seasonal beauty of the valley.

  • Heian Jingu

    This beautiful shrine with a garden takes you on a journey through time to Heian-kyo, a capital of Japan 1,200 years ago.

  • Gion Matsuri

    One of three biggest festivals in Japan, it is a seasonal summer festival that continued from 1,100 years ago.

  • Gion

    A district in Higashiyama, Kyoto, with the main street of geisha district stretching from Yasaka Jinja to Kamo River.

  • Ginkaku-ji

    A world heritage temple full of Japanese beauty, both the famous Ginkaku and its garden are remarkable.



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