A commercial facility that offers specialty products of Kyoto including food and handicrafts as well as some experiences of traditional Japanese culture.

  • Daigo-ji

    One of the largest temple complexes in Kyoto designated as a World Heritage site that houses a number of national treasures and important cultural properties.

  • Yasaka Shrine

    "Gion-san," headquarters of Gion shrines all over Japan and Kyoto’s symbolic shrine.

  • Yasaka Pagoda

    A 46 m tall five-storied pagoda that is a symbol of the Gion district. A historical temple known for Yasaka no To (Yasaka Pagoda).

  • Togetsukyo

    A scenic 155-meter bridge across Arashiyama's Ooi river.

  • Toei Uzumasa Eigamura

    Hollywood of Japan, a theme park of movies & dramas located in Uzumasa.

  • Shimogamo Jinja

    One of the oldest shrines in Kyoto protected by an extensive forest and rightly a World Cultural Heritage.

  • Shijo-dori

    The main street that runs through Kyoto city in the east-west direction. It has been flourished as a business district since the Medieval Period.

  • Sanjusangen-do

    The long temple where you can see magnificent Buddha and a thousand Senju Kannon Statues.

  • Ryoan-ji

    A Zen temple well known for its rock garden, designated as a national historical site and a place of special scenic beauty.

  • Pontocho

    The narrow alley that stretches along Kamo River with some of the most famous geiko districts along with Gion.

  • Philosopher's Path

    One of “Japan's 100 selected roads” where you can enjoy walking in any season.



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