• Shirakami Sanchi

    A World Natural Heritage which has an extensive world-class beech forest.

  • Seibien

    The famous garden is created by a mixture of the Kyoto Buddhist style and the regional old Shinto style.

  • Sannai Maruyama Site

    Sannai Maruyama Site contains the largest remains from the Jumon period in Japan.

  • Reijo Osore-zan

    Osore-zan is ranked as one of Japan's three most sacred places. It attracts many people till date.

  • Mutsu Minato Ekimae Asaichi

    Fresh seafood for reasonable prices! The local kitchen which has continued since World War II.

  • Lake Towada & Oirase Keiryu

    One of the greatest scenic beauty of Japan, capturing many peoples’ hearts by its majestic and mysterious nature

  • Kushihiki Hachimangu

    A time-honored shrine that has 800 years of history and precious treasures

  • Kanagi

    Hometown of the great author Dazai Osamu, famous historical area known as the birthplace of Tsugaru-jamisen.

  • Kabushima

    A small island with an 800-meter diameter famous for the breeding site of black-tailed gulls, the messenger of God

  • Iwakiyama Jinja

    The strongest spiritual place in Aomori area that has been loved by locals since ancient times.

  • Hotokegaura

    Many large rocks in distinctive shapes created by rough waves can be seen here!

  • Hirosaki Park

    Hirosaki Park is a symbol of Hirosaki city that offers different seasonal enjoyment throughout the year.



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