• Saishoin, five-story pagoda

    The five-story pagoda which is said to be the most beautiful in Japan.

  • Seikan Tunnel Museum

    A memorial facility introducing the history of the longest undersea tunnels in the world.

  • Tatehana Wharf Morning Market

    Quick, cheap and tasty! A morning market blessed with various kinds of delicious food.

  • Hasshoku Center

    A fresh seafood market offering precious gourmet at reasonable prices made with fresh local ingredients!

  • Uto Jinja

    A historical shrine worshiped by people who engage in careers related to water and the sea.

  • Tsuru no Maibashi

    The longest wooden bridge in Japan formed as if cranes are flying in the sky.

  • Towada Art Center

    An innovative museum of modern art designed for artworks in the permanent exhibition

  • Tappizaki

    Scenic beauty spot on the edge of the main island of Japan where you can enjoy different landscapes.

  • Tanesashi Coast

    A beautiful coastline also known as "the beach of flowers" where you can never get bored.

  • Takayama Inari Jinja

    Takayama Inari Jinja is a shrine where the view of many tori and the garden looks wonderful.

  • Tachineputa no Yakata

    A popular sightseeing spot in Goshogawara where you can see Tachineputa all year round.

  • Shiriyazaki

    A cape located on the northeast edge of Shimokita peninsula which has the symbolic Kandachime and a lighthouse!



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