• Miyakagi

    A long-standing restaurant that opened in 1899 serving chicken and eel dishes loved by food enthusiasts.

  • Miso Nikomi no Kadomaru

    A long-standing udon restaurant that has a variety of miso nikomi udon dishes.

  • Maruya

    Super popular eel specialty restaurant that draws long lines located in the Meitetsu Department Store connected to Nagoya Station.

  • Makotoya

    A long-established udon restaurant that serves freshly prepared handmade udon.

  • Kurobutaya Ramuchi

    The restaurant serves amazing looking miso katsu that comes with a large amount of green onion and cabbage.

  • Karaage Knuckle

    A popular karaage shop among locals where you can always taste freshly fried karaage!

  • Ichibiki

    Queuing up even before the store opens! Famous eel restaurant which has the popular Unamabushi served in a huge volume.

  • Ibasho

    One of the birthplaces of Hitsumabushi, the specialty of Nagoya! An old established eel restaurant which opened in 1909.

  • Haguriya

    A long- established udon restaurant since 1927 that serves a superb version of Nagoya's specialty miso katsu (pork cutlet with miso sauce).

  • Gomitori

    A famous izakaya in the downtown of Nagoya, Sakae! It is a long-standing izakaya founded in 1956.

  • Furaibo Meieki, Shinkansenguchi

    A popular izakaya chain restaurant that serves one of the best chicken wings in Nagoya.

  • Atsuta Horaiken Jingu-ten

    A long-standing restaurant, founded in 1873, known as the birthplace of Nagoya's famous specialty "Hitsumabushi".



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