• Kissa Kobekan

    Cafe where you can enjoy authentic house-roasted coffee in a retro-modern atmosphere.

  • Kishimen-Tei Esca Restaurant

    Easily accessed long-standing kishimen noodle restaurant located in Nagoya Station’s underground shopping center.

  • Kawaiya

    Long-standing kishimen noodle specialty restaurant that’s loved by the locals located in a quiet residential area.

  • Kato Coffee

    Long-standing coffee shop that offers high quality coffee from all over the world for reasonable prices.

  • KaLaPaNa

    This locally popular Hawaiian restaurant lets you enjoy a Hawaiian atmosphere in the middle of the city.

  • Kako Bucyo Coffee

    House brewed coffee and freshly baked soft chewy bread is super popular!

  • Junkissa Crown

    A retro coffee shop established in 1952. The shop is run by an owner in her 80s.

  • Jiraiya Honten

    Specialty tenmusu takeout store, famous for tenmusu that is tasty even after it gets cold.

  • Shachihokoya

    Popular izakaya known for its unique performance and delicious Nagoya cuisine.

  • Nonkiya

    An izakaya where you can enjoy amazing miso oden inside the restaurant which looks like a nostalgic street stand.

  • Iwasho: Handmade Udon Restaurant

    Taste delicious and reasonably priced meals from this popular long-standing udon restaurant founded in 1902!

  • Honten Shachinoya

    Pioneer of Nagoya specialty curry udon! Udon restaurant loved by the locals.



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