• Meifutsu Tenmusu Senju Honten

    A tenmusu specialty store and a franchise of the store where tenmusu originated.

  • Meieki Tachinomi Bacchus

    Izakaya serving Japanese sake imported from all over Japan and local gourmet food.

  • Matsuya Coffee HontenCAFE LE PIN Osu

    A cafe run by Matsuya Coffee, a long standing coffee bean shop established in 1909.

  • Konparu, Osu (main store)

    A cafe offers over 25 kinds of sandwiches including sandwiches with specialty ingredients of Nagoya.

  • Komeda Coffee (Main Store)

    Flagship store of popular coffee shop chain with over 670 locations countrywide.

  • Kitchen Oumi

    Popular for big prawns, it is a Western-style restaurant serving Japanese home cuisine, where many locals come regularly.

  • Kissa Yuki (Cafe Yuki)

    Long-standing cafe that created the popular Nagoya gourmet dish "Teppan (iron plate) Italian".

  • Kissa Tsuzuki

    A long standing coffee shop famous for its cafe au lait poured from high up.

  • Kissa Rich

    A long standing cafe with various kinds of Nagoya specialty menus that attracts a lot of tourists.

  • Kissa Mountain

    Weird food you won't find in any normal restaurant are super popular!

  • Kissa Mocha

    Long standing cafe in Osu Kannondori shopping street, where you can find many kinds of take away food.

  • Kissa Lion

    Retro atmosphere coffee shop that reminds you of good old Japan.



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