• Yoshida Kishimen Esca Restaurant

    Popular kishimen noodle specialty restaurant directly managed by a long-standing noodle producer established in 1890.

  • Yabuya Imaike Honten

    It is a fashionable izakaya, popular among women, where you can taste more than 10 types of amazing Nagoya specialties.

  • Oden&Wine Kamoshiya

    A Japanese version of Spanish bar that serves Nagoya specialty, miso-oden and good selection of wine.

  • Wakashachiya, Nishiki-ten

    A famous udon restaurant that promotes Nagoya's specialty, Nagoya Curry Udon.

  • Himari

    The popular sweets shop famous for its new wave sweets that has essences of both Japanese and western sweets.

  • Top Fruit Yaobun

    Fresh fruit for a reasonable price! The popular cafe run by a fruit shop.

  • Hyotanya

    Known for big fried prawns measuring 30 cm, it is a popular restaurant, founded in 1951, specialized in fried prawns and cutlets.

  • Tonhachi (Miso oden)

    A restaurant serving the specialty of Nagoya, miso oden, for a very reasonable price, since it was founded 60 years ago.

  • Tonchanya Fuji

    Famous for the local food of Nagoya, Tonchan, it is a popular yakiniku restaurant where locals come regularly.

  • Tenmusubi no Takano

    Stuffed tenmusu is super popular! Long-standing omusubi specialty store established in 1977.

  • Tachigui Noodle Shop: Yoshinoya

    Reasonable prices for maximum volume! Large-serving udon restaurant that’s super popular among the locals.

  • Curry Nikomi Udon Syachi-Ichi, Osu Branch

    Curry nikomi udon specialty store produced by a long-standing udon restaurant established in 1907.



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