• Ray coffee house

    A café in the middle of the woods where you can enjoy fantastic coffee while watching birds and squirrels in the garden.

  • Trattoria Primo

    A popular Italian restaurant that always has a queue and offers dishes made with fresh vegetables grown in the highlands!

  • Cuisine Champigon E.Bu.Ri.Ko

    The pioneer of “mushroom French”, a restaurant that offers various kinds of rare mushroom dishes.

  • Restaurant Pyrenees

    An exquisite restaurant that serves dishes of Shinshu beef, chicken and pork roasted over the fire in their special fireplace.

  • Rizanbo

    A legendary cafe in Karuizawa that John Lennon and Yoko Ono loved.

  • Restaurant Suju-masayuki

    Restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese a la carte dishes of specialty miso and fresh seasonal vegetables, with matching beverages.

  • Ogosso Ogosso

    Japanese restaurant famous for its best Oyako-don of Gitaro shamo chicken

  • Nagakura Cafe

    A cafe that was remodeled from a house. It serves authentic French confectionery on a special plate.

  • Kyu-Karuizawa café Suzunone

    A chic cafe that has an atmosphere of a villa from Karuizawa in the early days.

  • Kawakami An

    A restaurant that serves soba made from stone ground soba flour, a variety of small dishes and a rich collection of delicious sake.

  • Karuizawa Kogen Tofu Shosuian

    A restaurant that serves a fixed menu with carefully selected healthy tofu.

  • Karuizawa Iori Oshima

    A few authentic Japanese restaurants where you can have Kaiseki-ryori (tea-ceremony dishes) casually in Karuizawa.



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