• Cocotte Yamashita

    A French restaurant, which looks like a cafe, serving a variety of cocotte cuisine.

  • Capjuby

    A cafe where you can enjoy high-quality, authentic coffee brew in nel drip.

  • French Cuisine Bon Vivant

    The oldest French restaurant in Ise, inside the ancient Western-style building built in 1923.

  • Zimonokaisenryori Ise Amimotoshokudo

    You can enjoy local dishes and local-brewed liquor at reasonable prices! A restaurant established by a famous hotel.

  • Yashiro

    A Japanese restaurant owned by a fisherman that always serves super fresh seafood.

  • Amagoya Toba Hamanami

    A restaurant run by a former Ama diver that serves fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

  • Ristorante HIRO

    An Italian restaurant where you can see the beautiful ocean while dining.

  • Oyster Bar Ajikura

    A popular oyster bar in a hot springs inn that serves fresh oysters throughout the year.

  • Miyagino

    A Japanese restaurant owned by a former head chef of a prestige hotel in Mie.

  • Kura de Pasta

    An Italian restaurant with a Japanese atmosphere that is run by a long-established miso and soy sauce brewery.

  • Grill Katayama

    A casual well-established French restaurant that serves authentic French cuisine with local ingredients.

  • Nagatokan

    A popular restaurant that serves Teppari Amiyaki, grilled fresh seafood on a large grate.



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