• Ikadaso Sanjo

    An acclaimed inn that offers stunning Mie's brand of oysters, Matoya kaki.

  • Yamayasu Suisan, Pearl Road

    A popular facility that offers Toba's specialty, Uramura Oyster. You can enjoy all-you-can-eat oysters and all-you-can-pack oysters.

  • Wadakin

    The popular Matsuzaka beef restaurant established in 1878. It is loved by imperial family members and celebrities in various fields.

  • Tekone Chaya

    A popular restaurant where you can enjoy local dishes like Ise udon and Tekone-zushi.

  • Teahouse Tasukean

    2-min walk from Ise Jingu shrine, it is a popular cafe where you can taste "Kamiyomochi", a specialty of Ise!

  • Sushi Ume

    Popular with locals! The oldest sushi restaurant in Mie Prefecture that was established in 1868.

  • Sushikyu

    This restaurant’s classical appearance is impressive. The long-established restaurant originated in the middle of 18th century.

  • Otoya

    One minute from Ugata station on Kintetsu Railway! A long-established sushi restaurant which serves fresh seafood from Shima Peninsula.

  • Oshima Sushi

    A locally loved sushi restaurant which serves Mie's branded pufferfish, Anori fugu.

  • Nanakoshi Chaya

    A 50-year-long established udon restaurant which has a rich variety of Ise dishes such as Ise udon.

  • Oshokujidokoro Mutsumi

    A restaurant which is proud of inshore fish dishes made with fresh fish and shellfish purchased from local fishermen.

  • Matsusaka Maruyoshi Kamada Honten

    Three Matsusaka beef restaurants in Matsusaka city run directly by a meat shop.



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