• Oshokujidokoro Maruei

    A Japanese restaurant which has an at-home atmosphere and serves fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

  • Kuroshio Dining Pearl Road

    A restaurant which is proud of seafood dishes made with fresh fish and shellfish just taken from the aquarium.

  • Shima no Ajigokoro, Koiki

    A traditional Japanese restaurant that is popular for its at-home atmosphere and reasonable prices.

  • Yokocho Kimiya

    An authentic sushi restaurant in the popular tourists destination of Okage Yokocho.

  • Matsusaka beef for flavor and aroma, Kameya

    A long-standing restaurant serving varieties of dishes made of the high-ranked Matsusaka beef.

  • Kairakutei

    The restaurant that serves high class Japanese dishes using carefully selected local ingredients for reasonable prices.

  • Isuzu-chaya

    Situated in Oharai machi, this is a Japanese sweet shop owned by the fabrication company of "Akafuku," the specialty of Ise.

  • Isuzugawa Cafe

    A cafe where you can enjoy authentic coffee and handmade cakes while looking at the beautiful sight.

  • Issyobin Honten

    A yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy the highest ranked Matsuzaka beef for a reasonable price.

  • Inase

    A 60-year-old traditional Japanese house was used to create this unique restaurant in a tranquil residential area.

  • Hamazaki

    A sushi and seafood restaurant managed by two brothers; the older brother is a Japanese cuisine chef and the younger brother is a sushi chef.

  • Cuccagna 2

    A popular Italian dining & bar, serving dishes made of local ingredients.



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