• Chinrai-ken

    Long-standing Chinese restaurant that is the birthplace of Kure City’s famous noodles, Kure-reimen in Hiroshima.

  • Cha-no-Wa Main Store

    Popular specialty matcha cafe that offers sweets made from the highest grade of matcha powdered green tea.

  • Caffe Ponte

    Open-air riverside cafe where you can enjoy fresh juice and Italian cuisine.

  • Cafe Lente

    A comfortable cafe where you can see the great tori of Itsukushima Shrine which is the power spot in Hiroshima.

  • Cafe & Gallery SHION

    This cafe is on the 2nd floor of the municipal ferry port, and you can see the beautiful panorama of the Seto Inland Sea.

  • andersen Hiroshima Andersen

    Popular for freshly baked bread in the stone oven, it is the main store of the popular bakery chain with many stores inside and outside of Japan.

  • Azumino In Tomonoura

    A cafe specialized in additive-free gelato such as one used with Tomonoura local liquor.

  • Yamashiroya

    A restaurant which is popular for its anago meshi using Hiroshima's branded rice and good tasting yakigaki.

  • Akadama Shoten

    Retro izakaya where you can eat former navy cuisine with an old-fashioned menu that allows you to enjoy various nostalgic dishes.

  • Tachibana

    A restaurant where you can casually enjoy Miyajima specialties like oysters and conger-eels.

  • Iwamura

    A restaurant that serves Miyajima specialty food like big oysters and conger-eels for reasonable prices.

  • Itsukushima Barl Issai

    Enjoy multi-national cuisine using local ingredients from Hiroshima at this casual bar.



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