• Inaka Yoshoku Ise-ya

    Long-standing restaurant that has been serving the flavor of naval gourmet dining for three generations.

  • Inachu

    A conger eel and oyster restaurant which has been loved by local people. They grill conger eels in the restaurant.

  • Honke Toriyoshi

    Long-standing izakaya in Kure City, Hiroshima that is the founding restaurant for Kure’s famous “miso-daki” simmered chicken.

  • Hitoariki Kura

    An izakaya with all private rooms, where you can enjoy Japanese-style dishes with excellent local products and Hiroshima's local sake.

  • Himeakari

    A Japanese restaurant whose original dish is anago meshi steamed in a ceramic box and served at a reasonable price.

  • Ganso Henkutsu-ya

    Long-standing okonomiyaki restaurant founded in 1947. Its sweet and salty original sauce makes the difference.

  • Wa-cafe Hayashiya

    A Japanese-style cafe offering a wide range of Japanese sweets.

  • Gallery Miyazato

    A comfortable cafe with an art gallery, located in a renovated old folk house built over 200 years ago.

  • Sushi and Seafood Dining: Yasuhiro

    Seafood restaurant specializing in the ultimate of freshness acquiring local products straight from the fishermen.

  • Kunimatsu

    A Chinese noodle place which triggered the "Shiru-nashi Tantan-men" boom that gets you hooked on the hotness of sansho.

  • Goryu

    One of the most popular restaurants well-known for its unique thin and flat noodles featuring Hiroshima’s famous “Kure reimen” cold noodles.

  • Tsutafuji

    Popular long-standing ramen restaurant that draws endless lines serving the famous Onomichi ramen in Onomichi City, Hiroshima.



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