• Mitchan Sohonten Hatchobori

    The originator of Hiroshima's famous Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki.

  • Menya Suzuran-tei

    The ramen place that has "Shiru-nashi tantan-men" with delicious thick noodles made by the former western cuisine chef.

  • Matoba Club Nawanai

    A homely izakaya that serves Japanese dishes made of fish from Seto Inland Sea near Hiroshima and a rich collection of Japanese sake.

  • Kure Haikara Shokudo

    Themed restaurant where you can taste the flavor of Japan’s former navy gourmet cooking.

  • Kisetsuryori Kinugasa

    A long-established restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine used mainly fresh fish from the local sea Tomonoura.

  • Kakizaemon

    Izakaya (Japanese style pub-restaurant) with an abundant amount of items on the menu that specialize in local seafood featuring famous top-grade white fish and oysters.

  • Kakiwai

    A cafe run by an oyster specialty restaurant commanding a splendid view of Miyajima.

  • Kakigoya, Ujina branch

    A barbecue place where you can enjoy Hiroshima's specialty oysters for a reasonable price.

  • Kakifune Kanawa

    A Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy the main oyster cuisine on the boat beside the river.

  • Jiyuu-ken

    Restaurant where you can taste gourmet naval cuisine Western dishes made with a special demi-glace sauce that has been passed down from a former navy cook through the generations to present day.

  • Ishimatsu Sandaime

    A popular small restaurant that serves various amazing dishes made of local well-selected products and more than 80 types of Japanese sake.

  • Itsuki Coffee

    A counter-style coffee shop offering fresh roasted coffee at reasonable prices.



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