• Wine Izakaya Charbon

    It is a wine bar owned by a sommelier, where you can enjoy dishes made of well-selected ingredients cooked in charcoal fire.

  • Takara

    A popular Japanese cuisine restaurant that serves a huge proportioned seafood tendon.

  • Udon-no-Isshin

    Long-standing udon and soba noodle restaurant in Hiroshima known as the birthplace of Kure City’s famous “hoso-udon.”

  • Tsukemen Honpo Karabu, Tokaichi branch

    The famous extremely spicy tsukemen place that has 3 branches in Hiroshima city, Hiroshima prefecture

  • Hiroshima Tsukemen Honpo, Bakudan-ya (main store)

    A popular restaurant for Hiroshima's local ramen, Hiroshima tsukemen. The Japanese-style spicy taste soup stock is very addictive.

  • Tomonoura A Cafe

    A cafe utilizing a renovated more than 160-year-old house near the sea with a good atmosphere.

  • Tomonotsu Museum + Cafe

    This cafe utilizes more than a 150-year-old warehouse and has a Japanese modern atmosphere. It is located next to the museum of modern arts.

  • Tenshinkaku

    An old house cafe where you can enjoy home roasted coffee and the marvelous view.

  • Shiru-nashi Tantan-men Senmon King-ken

    A famous restaurant of " Shiru-nashi Tantan-men " which uses spice ground every single day.

  • Taku-chan no mise Hakko

    A famous restaurant located downtown which has a lot of fans for their crispy and savory okonomiyaki.

  • chitose Katsugyoryori Taimeshi Chitose

    This restaurant serves traditional delicious sea bream dishes in the local area in a casual way.

  • Shuukaen

    Famous restaurant for Hiroshima’s “Onomichi ramen” that is best known for its clear and refreshing soup with strong flavors from delicious pork back-fat.



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