• Yamanami

    Long-standing restaurant where you can enjoy various different foods including local specialties and drinks.

  • Unoiori U

    Dine while looking at cormorants! Restaurant run by an usho (cormorant fishing master)

  • Tsuzumi Soba

    Highly popular for chuka-soba with a subtle nostalgic flavor, unchanged since 1956!

  • Teahouse Onoya

    A cafe serving traditional sweets inside the charming merchant house built about 100 years ago.

  • Kissako Katsute

    A popular cafe, situated in the old town, known as small Kyoto of Hida.

  • Teahouse Fukyuan

    A popular cafe in a townhouse, which used to be an ancient kimono shop and a sake cellar, built more than 100 years ago.

  • Tajimi Kotobuki, Minamiten

    Popular Chinese restaurant famous for Tajimi Yakisoba, the local specialty of Tajimi city, Gifu Prefecture.

  • Irori

    The restaurant serves regional cuisine by a fire pit in a historical Gassho Zukuri house.

  • Cafe & Dining Saezuri

    Popular for nutritious and healthy food using trustworthy local ingredients!


    A fashionable restaurant located in the complex building of Gifu World Freshwater Aquarium, Gifu’s most popular tourist destination.

  • Oufuu Curry Koubou TIROL

    Exquisite curry using plenty of locally produced fresh ingredients including Hida beef.

  • Steak House One Pound

    Popular restaurant famous for the steak of Hida beef, the finest quality black-haired Japanese cow.



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