• Yushien

    A picturesque Japanese garden home to various colorful flowers.

  • Yaegaki Jinja

    The shrine famous for love fortune telling, introducing the world of Japanese ancient myth.

  • Tamatsukuri Onsen

    Tamatsukuri Onsen is known as Japan's oldest and best hot spring water for beautiful skin.

  • Shimane AQUAS Aquarium

    The largest-scale aquarium in an area standing on the coastline of Hamada

  • Nima Sand Museum

    The sand museum themed by Kotogahama's "Narisuna (singing sand)" with the world's biggest sand clock.

  • Matsue Shinji-ko Onsen

    Scenic beauty onsen area located along Lake Shinji, famous as a great spot for sunsets.

  • Matsue Castle

    This castle is a national treasure and a landmark of the castle town, Matsue, and is a famous and unique castle of the Sanrin region.

  • Izumo Taisha

    Japan's famous power spot known as a deity of matchmaking.

  • Iwami Ginzan

    The largest silver mine in Japan designated as a World Heritage

  • Gessho-ji

    The family temple of Matsudaira family, the leader of Matsue clan, has colorful hydrangeas in an area that covers about 10,000 square meters.

  • Adachi Museum of Art

    This globally acclaimed garden was named the best Japanese garden in Japan 13 years in a row in an American magazine specializing in Japanese gardens.



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