• Tsuyama Castle

    Chosen as "Japan's 100 famous castles," it is a castle that mesmerizes people with its beautiful and magnificent building.

  • Takahashishi Nariwa Museum

    Designed by Tadao Ando, this amazing museum features open exhibition spaces and unique artworks.

  • Raikyuji

    A historic temple where the garden built more than 400 years ago still remains as is.

  • Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art

    This prefectural museum collects and exhibits great artworks related to this area.

  • Okayama Castle

    A black castle also called Ujo (bird castle), built under supervision of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

  • Ohashi House

    Ohashi House is a building representing the Kurashiki residences and a registered important cultural property.

  • Ohara Museum of Art

    The first modern western art museum in Japan opened by an industrial businessman in Okayama in 1930.

  • Nomaru Engei Kibiji Noen

    It is a "farm where you can relax surrounded by flowers and trees," where you can enjoy strawberry picking, ornament plants and seasonal products.

  • Kurashiki Museum of Folk Crafts

    You can enjoy observing solid and beautiful "folk crafts" that are used in everyday life.

  • Kurashiki Bikan Chiku

    A town filled with artistic highlights in the elegant atmosphere of the Edo period.

  • Koyagawa Bikan Chiku

    An area of scenic beauty that has a retro and elegant look

  • Koraku-en

    One of the top three gardens in Japan with wonderful scenic beauty, spaciousness & strolling-style paths



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