• Mt.Yoshino

    A world heritage with historical shrines and temples. It's also one of the best viewpoint of cherry blossoms in Japan.

  • Mount Wakakusa

    A mountain overlooking the city of Nara, famous for the annual ritual of setting the mountain on fire

  • Kumano Kodo

    UNESCO World Heritage Site! Sacred pilgrimage site made with beautiful stone paths - Kumano Kodo.

  • Kinpusen-ji

    The temple is known for its stern looking Buddhist statues, and is close to a famous cherry blossom site

  • Kasuga Taisha

    Over 5,000 traditional lanterns line the enchanting 1,300 year old temple grounds in Nara Park.

  • Ikaruga

    Surrounded by an abundance of nature, this is a travel destination centered around the world heritage site of Horyuji.

  • Horyu-ji

    The oldest wooden building in Japan registered as a World Heritage.

  • Heijo Palace

    A rebuilt, ancient capital of Japan with gates and palaces standing with dignity as back in the day!

  • Hase-dera

    Located on a mountain, the view from the balcony of the temple's main hall is breathtaking

  • Dorokyo Gorge (Doro-Hatcho)

    Distance of about 31 km. Large scenic gorge stretching over the three prefectures of Wakayama, Mie, and Nara!

  • Chugu-ji

    The temple that contains one of the three great smiles in the art world on par with the Great Sphinx and the Mona Liza.

  • Chogosonshi-ji on Mt. Shigi

    A temple with a tiger as its symbol and known for its peculiar ways of worship.



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