• Kofuku-ji

    The temple contains a popular national treasure of Japan, the statue of Ashura.

  • Yakushiji

    A temple with two famous pagodas, and a Buddhist statue that is said to bring visitors peace of mind.

  • Toshodai-ji

    Founded by a Chinese Buddhist monk, this temple has many buildings and statues designated as national treasures.

  • Todai-ji Museum

    A museum informing visitors of the history and culture of Todai-ji with exhibitions of art works including precious national treasures.

  • Todai-ji

    This temple is considered to be the largest wooden building in Japan. The 15-meter-tall Buddha Statue is must see!

  • Shosoin

    The treasure storehouse which preserved the treasures of the past Emperor and has a long history of 1,300 years.

  • Saidai-ji

    The temple founded by then Empress in 764.

  • Nara Tokae

    Festival of lights illuminating the night of the old capital Nara in a fantastic way.

  • Nara Park

    Large park where Todaiji is located among other sites with over 1,000 wild deer.

  • Nara National Museum

    A museum located in Nara park exhibiting various art works including national treasures.

  • Gallery & Café Naramachi Mura

    Preserved traditional townscape remains of Nara.

  • Muro-ji

    A temple in the mountains: see national treasures in a lush natural setting.



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