• Iruka (Dolphin) Marine World

    A marine park where you can see wild dolphins all year round and enjoy dolphin watching

  • Shirakawa Springs

    One of the 100 best spring waters in Japan. The spring has 60 tons of water flowing per minute,

  • Sensuikyo

    A valley known to "so beautiful that even a wizard gets intoxicated by the flowers."

  • Reigando

    A cave where the most famous swordsman in Japan, Miyamoto Musashi, has wrote "Gorin-no-sho" - a book on war strategies.

  • Nabegataki Falls

    Wide like a white curtain, a waterfall that can be entered and seen from behind

  • Kyusendo

    The biggest limestone in Kyusyu, measuring 4.8 km long after 3 hundred million years.

  • Kuma river Boat Cruise

    A place where you can go down the biggest river in Kumamoto and one of the three rapid streams.

  • Gokanosho Heike no Sato

    A legendary place where "fallen Heike clans" hid in isolated places all over the country, after loosing the Genpei war.



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