• Sanuki Udon Onaruto

    A popular handmade udon shop, owned by the chef from Kagawa, which is the home of udon noodles!

  • Michimichi no Yakara

    A popular hideaway restaurant located in a residential area, offering fulfilling teishoku!

  • Tonkatsu Restaurant Nishimoto

    A popular long-established restaurant, offering fulfilling meat dishes at reasonable prices.

  • Mingeichaya Ajikura

    A popular restaurant offering fulfilling Teishoku, using local ingredients.

  • Waon

    A luxurious Japanese-style restaurant offering Oita’s specialties at reasonable prices.

  • Yanagiya

    A long-established ramen restaurant, offering a wide range of dishes, including super-sized teishoku (set menu)

  • Restaurant Toyoken

    A long-established Chinese restaurant known as the place where one of Oita’s specialties was created: Toriten

  • Gyoza Specialty Restaurant Kogetsu

    Gyoza specialty restaurant, offering first-class gyoza made from carefully selected ingredients; there always is a queue

  • Choro Matsu

    A long-established izakaya (Japanese-style tavern), recreating the nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa period

  • Cafe Natsume

    A long-established cafe offering special coffee brewed with onsen (hot spring) water in Beppu.

  • Cafe Axolotl

    A cafe located in a renovated old Japanese-style inn built over 90 years ago, providing a nostalgic atmosphere

  • Cafe TAKEYA

    A popular cafe where you can enjoy simple and local dishes with authentic coffee.



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