(Source : 食べログ)
Yanagiya is located in Sol Paseo Ginza Shopping Arcade near JR Beppu Station. The shops and restaurants in this arcade were built in the Showa period and create a nostalgic atmosphere. Yanagiya is a long-established ramen restaurant with a history of over 50 years and has been beloved by locals since its opening. Yanagiya offers not only a variety of ramen, such as a local specialty Tonkotsu (thick pork bone broth) ramen, but also various reasonably-priced super-sized Teishoku set menus; for example, Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and Vegetable Sauté.
8-4 Motomachi, Beppu-shi, Oita
Contact No.
A six-minute walk from the east exit at JR Nippo Main Line Beppu Station
Opening Hours / Holidays
11:30-14:00/17:00-1:00AM Closed irregularly
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