• Kaisen Izutsu

    Covered by media many times! Popular seafood restaurant owned by a fish store

  • Tenshinken

    A popular long-standing restaurant where you can enjoy many kinds of Oita gourmet

  • Miyuki Shokudo

    A popular restaurant for its simple and mild dishes that remind you of home cooking.

  • Sumibiyaki & yakiniku Morambon

    Korean BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy wagyu beef barbecue and Korean dishes at reasonable prices

  • Yakiniku Gansou Main store

    Korean style barbecue restaurant where you can enjoy char-grilled aged beef

  • Ganso Ariran

    A popular long-standing Korean barbecue restaurant that offers a wide variety of side dishes.

  • Yakiniku Reimen Shunkouen

    A popular Korean barbecue restaurant where you can enjoy economical yakiniku and various set meals.

  • Tenobe reimen senmonten: Rokusei

    Popular for the local Reimen with handmade noodles, this restaurant always has long queues worth the wait

  • Ramentei Ichiban

    A ramen restaurant where you can enjoy tonkotsu ramen and Beppu's local noodle dishes like reimen.

  • Kirintei

    A ramen noodle shop that takes pride in its overwhelming portion, up to super-large size.

  • Cold & Hot Noodle Specialty Restaurant Kogetsu

    A popular restaurant specialized in noodle dishes and also known as the birthplace of cold noodles in Beppu

  • Crouton

    A popular western food restaurant that offers such a wide menu that it will be hard to make up your mind, where there’s always a long line.



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