• Snoopy Chaya

    A Japanese cafe featuring Snoopy, which is a globally popular character

  • Kunugi no Oka

    The Italian restaurant that serves authentic Italian food surrounded by great scenery.

  • Yufuin Sanshoro

    Creative and original Japanese food made by a prominent chef in Yufuin

  • Washoku Momiji

    A Japanese restaurant that serves different dishes each season using fresh, high quality local food.

  • Sabo Shinanoya

    A popular cafe in a renovated historical building originally built in the early Showa period.

  • Amamijaya

    A popular sweets shop that serves local food and local sweets in Oita Prefecture in a tasteful atmosphere.

  • Sachi no Kura

    Enjoy both food and hot spring at the popular restaurant adjacent to a hotel with a hot spring

  • Yakiniku Ichiriki

    Yakiniku restaurant that serves carefully selected "Bungo-gyu", the highest quality beef.

  • Bungo Steak Somuri

    A long standing steak restaurant serves "Bungo-gyu", the high quality brand beef in Oita Prefecture

  • Oshokujidokoro Hamazushi

    A seafood restaurant run by a seafood wholesaler where you can enjoy seafood in Oita for reasonable prices.

  • Owada Zushi

    A famous Sushi restaurant that serves high-quality, fresh local fish and sake from all over Japan.

  • Minamimaru Nemu

    Enjoy the fresh local fish at economical prices. Popular seafood restaurant run by an active fisherman.



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