• Ryoutan Chicken Wing Karaage Kyara

    Taste Japan’s No. 1 chicken wings! Popular and symbolic karaage fried chicken specialty shop in Usa

  • Karaage Taikou

    Selling over 200 kg of karaage (fried chicken) in a day! Popular local karaage specialty shop

  • Rairaiken

    Long-standing Chinese restaurant in Usa City known as the birthplace of the famous “Usa Karaage” fried chicken

  • Seafood Dining: MARUKAI

    Right in front of the fishing port! Restaurant that serves Japanese-style “kaiseki” meals full of fresh local fish

  • Nishiki-Zushi

    Proud of their fresh and large sushi! Famous sushi restaurant found in the “World’s No. 1 Sushi Town”

  • Nidaime Yoichi

    The Original "Ryukyudon" Made with Abundantly Upmarket Branded Fish "Seki-aji" is Popular!

  • Kotsukotsuan

    A Tavern which Serves Oita's Local Food and More Than 300 kinds of Local-brewed Liquors

  • Kitchen Maruyama

    A Western-style Restaurant which Has Always a Line of People Including Fans from Distant Places Seeking for the Original “Toriten’s” Taste.

  • Jizake to Kaisen Umibozu Yochan

    You can enjoy seasonal seafood at reasonable prices! Active fisherman's popular restaurant.

  • Nouka Restaurant Bebenko

    A farm-directly-managed restaurant where you can enjoy high-quality "Bungo-gyu" at reasonable prices.

  • Café Duo

    In this cafe, you can enjoy high-quality latte art which is almost a work of art.

  • Arden

    A cafe where you can enjoy tea listening to music in high-quality with audio devices.



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