• Zuigan-ji

    Temple in Matsushima, one of Japan's top three scenic treasures.

  • Tashiro-jima

    A mecca for cat lovers, a must-visit spot if you love cats.

  • Shiroishi Castle

    Three-storied white castle also known as a famous sakura spot.

  • Sendai Umino-mori Aquarium

    Giant fish tank and dolphin performances! New hot spot in Sendai, full of attractions!

  • Sendai Tanabata Matsuri

    One of the top three festivals of the Tohoku region, famous for its beautiful 3,000 bamboo decorations.

  • Osaki Hachimangu

    A power spot representing Sendai with a beautiful appearance.

  • Okama, Zao

    Lake surface changes colors in various conditions! A lake filled with the magic of nature.

  • Matsushima

    One of the three best scenic views of Japan with the beautiful contrast of some 260 islands and the ocean.

  • Ishinomori Manga Museum

    The king of Manga! Theme park where you can experience the world of Ishinomori.

  • Godaido

    Buddhist temple located across the ocean with excellent views of Matsushima!

  • Entsu-in

    Awarded two Michelin Stars! Buddhist temple with beautiful garden landscapes.

  • Akiu Onsen

    An onsen representing Sendai, known as one of Oshu's top three onsen.



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