• Meriken Park

    A seaside park with Kobe's famous landmarks.

  • Weathercock House

    A building with a Weathercock and beautiful brick wall: a landmark in Kitano.

  • Uroko House and Uroko Art Museum

    Famous fish scale design, former luxurious rental residences for foreigners now opened to public.

  • Uonotana Shotengai (Shopping Street)

    Popular shopping street where you find seafood freshly caught in the Akashi strait.

  • UCC Rokko Island Factory

    You can enjoy the factory tour and tasting coffee of a famous coffee brand in Japan.

  • Tatsuno Castle

    Situated on the mountain top, a white-based elegant castle looks down at the town.

  • Takeda Castle Ruins

    Known as the "Machu Picchu of Japan" or "castle in the sky," these castle ruins are famous for their mystic sea of clouds.

  • Suma Aqualife Park

    An aquarium-complex where you can enjoy a fish tank that creates waves and participating-style activities.

  • Shoshazan Engyo-ji

    A temple with a traditional atmosphere, used frequently as shooting location for movies.

  • Sannomiya & Motomachi

    A base for Kobe touring with all aspects of shopping, gourmet, and amusement.

  • Rokkosan farm

    A sightseeing farm where you can play with cows, horses and sheep with many experience-based workshops.

  • Kobe Oji Zoo

    A very popular zoo where you can see panda bears and koalas, in addition to enjoying other facilities.



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