• Zuiryuji

    The only one national treasure in Toyama prefecture: a beautiful temple built with Edo Period's exquisite style of architecture.

  • Yuki no Otani

    Precious event limited to spring where you can take a close look at a 10 m high snow wall

  • Unazuki Onsen

    The largest hot spring resort in Toyama which has a great view of Kurobe Gorge.

  • Toyama Castle Park

    A popular cherry blossoms viewing spot, this park displays the over 400-year-old history of Toyama Castle.

  • Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

    Tateyama, one of the three most sacred mountains in Japan along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hakusan. Enjoy this mountainous tourist spot with amazing scenic beauty.

  • Kurobe Dam

    The largest arch dam in Japan where you can see spectacular water discharge

  • Kaiomaru Park

    A beautiful sailing ship called "The Lady of the Sea," enjoy its cabin museum and light up at night time.

  • Himi Banya-gai

    A complex facility that provides fresh seafood from Toyama Bay, a soak in a natural hot spring, and breathtaking scenic views.

  • Gokayama

    Chosen as World Heritage, you can see ancient Japanese scenery and beautiful Gassho-style houses in these villages

  • Fujiko・F・Fujio Hometown Art Gallery

    Museum of Fujiko F Fujio, creater of the famous manga "Doraemon"

  • Fugan Unga Kansui Park

    A big, urban park situated along the beautiful canal, where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful canal views.



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