• Yakusugi Land

    Stroll four courses in the rich forest of Yakusugi.

  • Yakushima Environmental Cultural Village Center

    This facility offers general information on the nature and culture of Yakushima Island.

  • Tanegashima Development Center (Firearm Museum)

    A firearm museum on Tanegashima Island where firearms were first introduced into Japan.

  • Tanegashima Space Center

    The largest rocket launching center in Japan. Learn about space by visitng the center and the museum.

  • Shiroyama

    The park boasts of having a walking path with rich nature and an observation deck where you can see an amazing view of Sakurajima.

  • Shiratani Unsuikyo

    A primeval forest covering an area of 424 hectare which is a model for the backdrop of the movie “Princess Mononoke.”

  • Senpiro Falls

    One of the highest waterfalls in Yakushima that measures about 60 m. A great view of a granite monolith.

  • Sengan-en

    A stunning Japanese garden that incorporates a borrowed landscape style.

  • Sakurajima

    A symbol of Kagoshima prefecture. Sakurajima is still volcanically active.

  • Palace of the Dragon King Shrine: Ryugu Jinja

    Popular power-spot famous for its abilities in matchmaking and shell written wishes.

  • Oko Falls

    The tallest waterfall in southern Kyushu that is a paradise with many freshwater fish and wild birds.

  • Miyanoura-dake

    The highest mountain in Kyushu with many strange-shaped rocks



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