• Yamashita Park

    Beautiful blue sky and sea stretching before your eyes! Park to enjoy spectacular views of the harbor.

  • Umi no Koen

    It is the only park in Yokohama with a beach. It is also famous for shellfish gathering and water sports.

  • Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

    Beautiful bright red halls and symbol of the historical town of Kamakura

  • The Museum of The Little Prince

    The museum is a tribute to the famous story "The Little Prince," as the restaurant recreates the world of the story.

  • Tenzan Tojikyo Hot Springs

    Tenzan Tojikyo is located in Hakone-Yumoto in Kanagawa prefecture. A reasonable plan for the two facilities is available on weekdays.

  • Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri

    One of the top three Tanabata festivals in the Kanto area. Glorious Tanbata decorations make this arguably the most beautiful in Japan.

  • Owakudani

    The most popular spot in Hakone, a valley with steam gushing out everywhere due to volcanic activity.

  • Odawara Castle

    The beautiful scenery of Odawara city and Sagami bay seen from castle-tower.

  • Meigetsu-in

    Known as "hydrangea temple," the view from the window of the Hojo is artistic.

  • Lake Ashi

    Enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Ashi, a symbol of Hakone, on a cruise.

  • Kuzuryu Jinja

    Worship the deity of water, and a spiritual place to pray for success in love.

  • Kotoku-in

    The temple houses the Kamakura Great Buddha, which is designated as a national treasure.



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