Nikko Yuba-tei Masudaya

(Source : 食べログ)
“Nikko Yuba-tei Masudaya” is a restaurant known for yuba cuisine; yuba is one of the many products made from soybeans. The skin that accumulates on the surface of boiling soy milk is picked up using a bamboo skewer and dried. It is a traditional vegetarian dish in Japan. Yuba is famous in both Kyoto and Nikko. Yuba made in Kyoto is a single piece because it is picked up on the edge of the skin, while Yuba in Nikko is double folded because it is picked up from the center of the skin. This makes Yuba in Nikko have a thicker texture. If you want to try the authentic Yuba meals here in Nikko, the home of Yuba along with Kyoto, Masudaya is exactly what you are looking for.
439-2 Ishiya-machi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
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8-min walk from Tobu Nikko Station; 10-min walk from JR Nikko Station
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