(Source : 食べログ)
Rausu is a famous fishing town located on the eastern side of the Shiretoko Penninsula that has an abundant variety of unique fish. Isamizushi is a popular long-standing restaurant established in 1967 and is currently in its second generation with a chef who was professionally trained in Kyoto. Here you can enjoy fresh seasonal seafood with sushi made by highly trained skilled artisans. You can’t beat the freshness of the seafood caught from Erimo and Maehama around Rausu! This popular restaurant has a strong following of locals and has tons of seasonal specialties like uni (sea urchin), kinki (thornhead fish), and delicacies you’ve got to try if you’re in Rausu like the large red shrimp called budo-ebi (literally “grape shrimp”) and botan-ebi (pink shrimp). Isamizushi is also famous for its unbelievably cheap “Shiretoko Nigiri” (3,000 yen) assorted sushi set which includes 11 pieces of local seafood sushi.
86-3 Aza Hon-cho, Erimo-cho, Horoizumi-gun, Hokkaido
Contact No.
30-minute taxi ride from Samani Station on the JR Hidaka Main Line
Opening Hours / Holidays
11:30 – 13:30 16:30 – 23:00 Closed: Irregular holidays
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