Ideal to enjoy Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Kanazawa, and Hiroshima: a brand new karaksa hotel to open in Shin-Osaka!

Ideal to enjoy Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Kanazawa, and Hiroshima: a brand new karaksa hotel to open in Shin-Osaka!


Osaka is a popular city in Japan that is famous for its casual atmosphere and friendly people, which is quite different from Tokyo. Filled with many great sightseeing spots, the number of foreign tourists visiting this city is increasing by years, making this city bustled with people for almost everyday!
One of the best ways to enjoy Osaka is to try its local delicacies like Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, and Kushikatsu, which are delicious and offered at very reasonable prices. Visit Shinsekai, an area located at the foot of Tsutenkaku Tower, where you can find local restaurants offering those foods.
Shin-Osaka is the gateway to Osaka’s most famous sightseeing spots. The area offers easy access to many popular places. You can go to Umeda, Shinsaibashi, or Namba in 6 to 15 minutes by taking the Osaka Metro Midosuji line, and you can go to Kyoto in 20 minutes by taking the JR train (10 minutes only if you’re taking the shinkansen).
Just like Kyoto, Nara is also famous for its historical places and World Heritage Sites like Todaiji Temple and Yakushiji Temple. You can visit Nara by taking the JR train for an hour.
Visiting Hiroshima from Shin-Osaka only takes an hour and a half by shinkansen. Make sure to visit Hiroshima’s most popular sightseeing spots like Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Itsukushima Shrine, and Hiroshima Castle.
Shin-Osaka has many bus terminals that give you other transportation options. Buses are convenient, especially when you plan to travel far to other cities in other regions.


A brand new hotel called karaksa hotel grande Shin-Osaka Tower is opening in front of Shin-Osaka Station!
This hotel is the largest amongst all karaksa hotels with 396 rooms in its 24-story building. Mainly offering twin rooms, there are 219 rooms that accommodate up to 3 people and 40 rooms that accommodate up to 4 people.
In addition, there are also 160 connecting rooms in this hotel. Connecting rooms with inner doors, these rooms accommodate up to 6 people at once. There is an accommodation plan for everyone!
The rooms with tatami are very popular for foreign guests. Guests can sit or lie down on the tatami to relax and experience Japanese culture.
karaksa hotel grande Shin-Osaka Tower is a 24-story building. This means that the higher you get, the more spectacular the scenery you will see. The upper floors are offering great views of Osaka city, sparkling night views and lofty mountains as backdrops.
When you look down, you will see Shin-Osaka Station that is always busy for most of the time. Shinkansen and other local trains constantly run passing by this station, and seeing this is quite amusing even if you’re not a big railway fan.
karaksa hotel grande Shin-Osaka Tower, which has 396 rooms in its 24-story building, is offering facilities and services to meet its guests’ needs. In addition to a large restaurant and laundromats, attractive options include large public baths, saunas, and aconvenience store in its hotel.


To celebrate the grand opening, karaksa hotel grande Shin-Osaka Tower is offering special stay plans through the official website only. Guest will receive an original Japanese foldable fan with an arabesque motif. Regardless of the length of stay, each guest will receive one fan (three colors available). Don’t miss this chance and make your reservation now!


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karaksa hotel grande Shin-Osaka Tower, opens on November 27, 2019! Address: 3-3-24 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka A 5-minute walk from the exit 4 of Shin-Osaka Station on JR lines and Osaka Metro Midosuji line.


karaksa hotels have 2 hotels in Tokyo, 4 hotels in Kansai area, and 1 hotel in Hokkaido. Visit their official website for more information!