Japanese peaches are the most delicious! Find the best one-day trip where you can enjoy unlimited tasty peaches and magnificent views of Mt. Fuji!

Japanese peaches are the most delicious! Find the best one-day trip where you can enjoy unlimited tasty peaches and magnificent views of Mt. Fuji!

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It is always fun to make a trip plan before visiting Japan. However, sometimes you realize 'Oh, these two places are close to each other, so I am free for a day. What should I do?’. Does this ever happen to you before or after arriving in Japan? At such times, one-day tours operated by YOKOSO JAPAN TOUR are perfect! These tours are arranged specially for overseas travelers. Its website is available in several languages and YOKOSO STAFF can guide and assist you in English, so you will be comfortable during the tour. This time, we will introduce the best tour where you can enjoy local gourmet and magnificent views of Mt. Fuji among the many one-day tours of YOKOSO JAPAN TOUR!

Enjoy unlimited Japanese peaches that are highly acclaimed in the world!

‘They were soft and sweet. They tasted like a dream!’ ‘The peaches in my country have never tasted like these!’ Overseas travelers will be hooked on Japanese peaches once they take a bite. They are surprisingly expensive at supermarkets in Japan!
However, on a trip of YOKOSO JAPAN TOUR, you can fully enjoy such delicious peaches. Each participant can harvest two peaches at a farm. Please take them to your hotel and eat them after being cooled.
After the peach harvest, you can enjoy an unlimited number of delicious peaches that the farmers have cooled for you. That’s right, you can eat as many as you want! Make sure not to lose this opportunity, and have Japanese peaches to your heart's content.

Fully enjoy Mt. Fuji and local dishes!

We found a recommended tour, where you can have unlimited peaches for IKIDANE NIPPON readers! On this one-day bus tour, you can fully enjoy not only peaches but also fantastic views of Mt. Fuji and Yamanashi’s local specialties. The meeting point of the tour is an easily accessible place, located at a hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo! You just need to get on the tour bus.
First, the bus will take you to the fifth station of Mt. Fuji without any stops. There, you can enjoy magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and its surroundings up-close. Japan is about Mt. Fuji, isn’t it?
This tour includes a lunch set: simple and gentle taste of Hoto, a local flat noodle dish that have been eaten in Yamanashi since old times, and juicy and tender karaage, Japanese-style special fried chicken. A vegetarian lunch set is available if you request it up to 3 days before the tour starts, so this tour will be comfortable for those who have concerns about food.
Next, take the ropeway from Kawaguchikohan Station to the observation deck! You will see a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji from up here!
Although the view of Mt. Fuji from the fifth station is impressive, you definitely want to see the whole view of Mt. Fuji that you have often seen in photos or on TV! Having unlimited peaches introduced at the beginning will be the main event coming after this! Misaka Farm, where you will harvest peaches and eat as much as you want, is located in Fuefuki City, which is considered as peach heaven because it is the top peach producer in Japan.
Before returning to Tokyo, stop by a winery in Yamanashi, which is famous for wine production in Japan. Here, you can taste and buy Koshu wine. Eat, drink, and enjoy magnificent views in one day. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Only 9,900 yen per person on weekdays

You cannot arrange all these things by yourself, can you? Even if you can, how much does that cost? If you get on a YOKOSO JAPAN bus, there will be nothing you need to worry about. It will also be nice as you can leave your luggage at the hotel where you are staying because this is a one-day tour. In addition, the tour is offered at a low price costing only 9,900 yen per person on weekdays! This will be the same price as when you buy many peaches and have lunch in Tokyo. Please check this great offer especially for those who will arrive in Japan at Haneda or Narita Airport!

For tour details & reservations, check the link below.

So go ahead and book at the earliest! Departure guaranteed!!All-you-can-eat Sweet *Peach & *Grape. The 5th Station of Mt. Fuji. Splendid Mt. Fuji Viewing Spot at Tenjoyama Park by Ropeway (*Peach: Until early August / *Grape: From early August)

Many other Mt. Fuji tours are also available!

Mt.Fuji Tour

For those interested, do check the reviews

Please check the reviews from participants from all over the world who joined the same tour last year if you are interested in the tour and are concerned about its reviews. 7/7 ・I really enjoy going to this trip, I found it really fun picking the peach.(Hong Kong) ・Timely, Friendly, Souvenir, comfortable bus. (Singapore) 7/11 ・very interesting, well packed (Hong Kong) ・The bus driver and the tour guides are all very nice and helpful. It’s a wonderful experience to join the tour! I will recommend it to my friends. (Taiwan) 8/2 ・I am very happy during the Fuji trip (Hong Kong) ・Time control is excellent. Many thanks to our Pretty Tour Guide who is nice and helpful. She tried to arrange the scheduled in logistic and kept in time. It is funny and is suitable for family day trip. We will join again in the next time. (Hong Kong) ・Good amount of time at each place, staffs were very friendly (Australia) 8/14 ・Very good arrangement and helpful tour guide. Will join other tours next time when we travel to Japan! Thank you! (Hong Kong) ・Very well planning of sightseeing places, time for breaks. One of our friend recommended this tour with you and we will definitely recommend to others. Overall, you have given us the most memorable experience. Thank you so much! (USA) 8/19 ・Itinerary is quite well-organized. (Hong Kong) 8/23 ・Good points : everything, the grape (USA) 8/25 ・This is my 2nd group tour with YOKOSO Japan in my holiday trip. We like the itinerary and activities. Will highly recommend YOKOSO Japan to friends and relatives. (Singapore) 9/2 ・good arrangement (Singapore) ・Smooth bus ride, entertainment, enjoyable. Very nice staff, service, excellent! Communication is fantastic! Lots of excitement. Very fulfilling tour. (Singapore) 9/9 ・awesome! Very good! (USA) ・Mt. Fuji, Lake (we were given enough time) (USA) 9/11 ・Convenient, good itinerary, reasonable price (vietnam) ・Bus very good, driver very good, tour organization good (vietnam) 9/13 ・It’s been amazing trip (Australia) 9/18 ・I had a happy and memorable trip! (Hong Kong) 9/19 ・Good Points : Itinerary, Ease of travel (USA) 10/9 ・Comfortable, convenient, good value (USA) ・Excellent service from booking and tour, prompt response through email. Our family is highly appreciated the service and experience in the tour. Especially, the birthday gift to my friend that’s so warm and thankful. I will join and recommend the trip again, thanks (Hong Kong) ・We are happy and glad to have this tour and tour guide. (Hong Kong)