Found in the popular Asakusa area! Three hotels designed for foreign travelers.

Found in the popular Asakusa area! Three hotels designed for foreign travelers.

Hotels in the popular Asakusa area where foreign travelers can fully relax!

Japan is the image of future development. But did you know that there are a lot of hotels in Japan that are not up to par with the world standards of service? Here, we will introduce three hotels from the Richmond Hotel Group in the popular Asakusa area where foreign travelers can fully relax.
At the Richmond hotels, you can find tons of great services like outlet converters that can be used with electronics from any country, 24-hour foreign currency exchange machines, coin laundry, free WiFi within the building, access to a free-use computer, Jam Label allergy-proof shampoo, as well as free access to movies in two of the “premier” designated hotels!

The best location for sightseeing in Asakusa! Two hotels right next to Sensoji Temple.

◆Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International This Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International is located at only a 3-minute walk from the main hall of Sensoji Temple! The hotel is also connected to the popular and quirky Don Quixote store where you can buy lots of cheap goods, and in the same building is also Marugoto Nippon where you can find magnificent gourmet food and traditional crafts from all over the country, all making for an unbeatable location for foreign travelers.
The classy interior of the hotel will make you say, “Whoaaa, this is amazing!” when you walk in through the doors. Despite the fancy appearance, plans for 1 room for 2 guests will cost as low as 6,500 yen per person on weekdays.
Here you can find rooms with separate areas for the toilet, bath, and sink, and with the premier view twin room you can even get views of the Tokyo Skytree® and Sensoji Temple! You definitely won’t find this view at any other hotel!
In the lounge for hotel guests, you can enjoy a welcome drink and a breakfast buffet that holds no bars while appreciating stellar views of the city. You can also rest easy with the friendly English-speaking foreign staff.
Muslim guests can also feel at home here as the hotel offers specialty halal dining. You can enjoy a halal meal box mixed with some Japanese cuisine in the wonderful lounge. Furthermore, a prayer set is available with a basin for washing hands and feet making this a valuable service in Japan where such facilities for Muslim guests are rare and lacking!
◎Make reservations here! http://premierasakusa.richmondhotel.jp/ ◆Richmond Hotel Asakusa The Richmond Hotel Asakusa is located just across the street from the Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International. The appeal of this fashionably designed hotel is the affordable rooms which cost 5,000 yen onward per person for one room for 2 guests.
In the open terrace café, you can enjoy a delicious Japanese breakfast!
◎Make reservations here! http://richmondhotelasakusa.richmondhotel.jp/

Direct transport from Haneda and Narita international airports! Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage

The Tokyo Skytree® is another famous sightseeing spot in the Asakusa area which is located at only a 1-minute walk from Keisei Oshiage Station!
This hotel is also really popular with travelers who bring large luggage because you can get direct transport from both Haneda and Narita airports. The playful design and classy lounge are a great welcome for guests tired from their long flights.
Depending on the room, you can get some fantastic views from the bathroom. Many people take the complimentary Skytree-shaped bottled water home as a souvenir!
At this conveniently located high class hotel, plans for 2 people for 1 room on weekdays run as low as 6,500 yen per person. The breakfast plans are also super popular among salad lovers from around the world who can eat to their heart’s delight at the Sizzler restaurant!
There is also a supermarket in the same building, so you can enjoy mingling with the locals while you shop. And of course Asakusa and Sensoji Temple are located within walking distance. With great access to airports, this hotel is a fantastic base for enjoying sightseeing around Tokyo. ◎Make reservations here! http://premiertokyooshiage.richmondhotel.jp/

You can find the best rates at the each of the hotel’s official websites!

So, what do you think? We’ve got three fantastic hotels to choose from in Asakusa where foreign travelers can truly relax and enjoy their trip. Each of the hotels introduced in this article offer the best rates on their own official websites, so rest easy and book your room!